Keffers Corner: Your Other Life - Your Job

Most of us lead dual lives, one
involving our occupation, and the
other everything else. Does it ever
seem like the “day job” influences
more than it’s fair share of our life?
Nineteen of twenty Americans
work to support food, clothing,
shelter, medical care, and transportation.
We do this for somewhere
near 50 years, sometimes more.
This topic crossed my mind with
a great friend’s retirement, after 25
years of commitment to one company,
at one location.
Today’s adult workforce averages
4.6 years of job tenure, up from
under four years in 1987. Despite
people not being tied to pensions
and able to switch companies, time
at an employer is actually rising
over the past couple of decades.
The younger the worker, the more
prone to changing jobs- makes
sense. Interesting how a spouse
and kids can make the process of
changing jobs a lot more thought
You are likely to have had 11.7
jobs by the time you are 50. How
old are you now, and how many
jobs have you
had? This data
does not say
anyone has to
aspire to the
average. Many
enjoy a long run
in an occupation,
satisfied with
the rewards. A
hidden statistic
is that 45 percent
of most companies’
staff would
consider a move
to another job.
Six percent will
act on it. Americans change jobs
and search for more fulfillment,
better compensation, workable
schedules, shorter commutes, and
better co-workers, to name some
Here I sit for the last 18 years
being the provider, not the job
seeker. What do I want to see in a
1) Attitude
2) Background- Employment
and Personal
3) Communication Ability/
4) Desire To Improve Your Life
5) Clean/Neat Appearance
The above are off-the-cuff
thoughts. They could just as easily
be a short checklist regarding
landing a job. They can even be a
few bullet points to relate to your
current job and gaining ground
there. Ninety-five percent of us are
headed to work on most days, we
might as well get the most out of
it. Few things are much better than
job satisfaction and few things much
worse than hating to go to work.
If you’re in the hate to go to work
camp, try to make it better where
you are, or explore if a change
makes sense. Many accomplishments
begin with a leap of faith.
The kids are back to school. Be
careful and leave a little earlier for
work: bosses “hate late.” Have a
good week
Rick Keffer owns and operates Rick
Keffer Dodge Chrysler Jeep in Yulee.
He invites questions or positive stories
about automobile use and ownership.
Posted 8-14-15
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